Capellino Architettura is a group of young architects who operate in Italy and abroad. The company offers unique and customized solutions to everything from small object design, to moving, to interior design, to The Andrea Capellino architecture studio, now Capellino Architettura, was founded in 2001. Over the years the studio has expanded and changed, extending into the fields of residential architecture, conservative restoration, service architecture and design.
In 2013 the architects Capellino and Ando set up Capellino Design & Partners, which offers unique, personalized solutions, from the small design object and interior design to exhibition spaces and trade show furnishings.
In 2014 the architects Capellino and Gianuzzi set up AG Architettura, specializing in residential architecture and able to offer customized, turnkey living solutions, designed in every detail.
The three companies are independent and together at Piazza Medici 16 create a single response to the customer.
Without mentioning the very young, I am gradually aging with the architects
Patty Brusco effectiveness and precision since 2001
Davide Celi defensive half-back with a propensity for scoring goals since 2002
Andrea Capellino



Residential Architecture

The studio offers a complete service that accompanies the client through every stage of developing the design, from the initial concept to the choice of materials, assisting them with bureaucratic procedures through to completion, with attention to every detail.

Tertiary Architecture

The studio offers a design service for different types of industrial building, through the conception of comfortable, functional work spaces, distinguished by an aesthetic based on the brand guidelines.
The combination of classical construction methods and prefabricated elements leads to the optimization of costs and construction times.

Service for Companies

The studio offers a backup service for the company management and procurement figure, assisting him in coordinating contracts, drafting specification estimates and requesting and aligning quotes.
Immediate backup in legal and insurance matters is offered by means of a specially studied program, along with a service for monitoring and checking the buildings from a technical and architectural point of view.


Capellino Design is able to deal with different requests from the client, offering unique, personalized solutions, thanks to the choice of the best products and materials that are most suited to the company philosophy or the client’s preferences.
Capellino Design reformulates the construction knowledge on which the tradition of our country is based in a modern way by using innovative and ecologically friendly materials.